Dabs® for Manicures and Pedicures

Beautiful nails make you look and feel great, and Dabs can help you improve your manicure and pedicure routine. With our patented absorbing technology and conveniently sized wipes, nail polish removal and edging can get a whole lot easier. Here’s a look at why you should ditch other alternatives like latex stickers or liquid tape.

Ideal for Quick Fixes
Often when doing your nails, you need to come up with fixes on the fly, especially when unwanted nail polish drips onto your skin. Dabs are small and flexible enough for you to clean just that particular spot without getting nail polish remover on the nail itself.

Small and Portable
Using cotton balls for your nail polish process takes up lots of space. A large bag can take up half of a sizeable makeup kit, and if you only put a couple of cotton balls in your bag they’ll get dirty, plus you’ll quickly run out. A pack of 50 2×2 in. Dabs wipes up only a minimal amount of space. Due to their hyper-absorbant complexion, these little wipes pack a big punch.

Dabs feature an adhesive backing so you can easily stick the pack of wipes to the inside or the outside of your nail polish kit, in your bathroom, or wherever you want easy access when you need them.

Patented Absorbent Technology
Each Dab is designed to be extra absorbent. As a result, the wipes soak up a lot of nail polish remover, reducing the number of pads or cotton balls needed to remove your nail polish. If you wash your hands or feet before you apply the polish, you can use a couple of Dabs wipes to ensure that all areas of your skin and nails are completely dry prior to the application process. This makes for a much sleeker look.

Convenient Shape
The square shape of Dabs wipes also makes nail polish removal easier. You can soak a wipe in some nail polish remover, then just place the wipe on top of your nail. You don’t even have to scrub! Some people even like to hold it in place with a bit of tin foil, but that’s optional.

Helpful Through the Whole Process
To ensure your nail polish truly sticks to your nails, you need to start with a clean surface. Grab a Dabs wipe, add a few drops of nail polish remover, and clean off lingering polish, dirt, or oils before applying your nail polish. If you file your nails before putting on nail polish, you can also use Dabs to wipe away bits of nail dust. These wipes are designed so that they don’t leave any dust or fibers behind.

The next time you do a pedicure or a manicure, arm yourself with Dabs. Enjoy the ease of these ultra-absorbent wipes and see how they improve your routine. To learn more, contact us, find stores that sell Dabs, or order Dabs online now.

After just a day, I was missing that little square piece of paper being in there because I had transitioned from being a “licker” to a “wiper”. And actually, the thought of licking had become gross to me, where it never really was before.

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