Other Uses for Dabs®

Other Uses for Dabs®

Dabs can help to wipe up and clean a number of small messes. If you use Dabs as a replacement for cotton balls, you’ll be surprised at all the additional ways you can use this product. You can dab almost anything. Here’s a look at just some of the ways dabs conveniently fit into your lifestyle.

Cleaning Kit
Dabs should become an essential part of your cleaning kit. They are perfect for reaching into those little nooks and crannies — for instance, if you are trying to clean jewelry, remote controls, light switches, keyboards, your cell phone, or the corners of your bathtub. They can also help to polish silver or to clean chrome sinks. If you need to apply a little vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits, milk to remove permanent marker, or any other cleaners or solvents, you can simply dip a Dabs wipe into the liquid and watch the magic happen.

First Aid Uses
Originally invented to help wipe up blood after a glucose test, Dabs should be a standard part of your home and travel first aid kit. For small injuries such as cutting yourself shaving, Dabs are the perfect way to catch those drops of blood quickly and cleanly. These wipes are also ideal if you need to clean up after a blood draw, and some people like to dip Dabs into vinegar and baking soda and then rub the mixture on their sunburns for a bit of relief.
Each Dabs pad features 50 wipes and an adhesive back. You can stick the pad to the outside or inside of your first aid kit to ensure that your Dabs are readily available when you need them. Alternatively, hang them in the kitchen by the knives, in the bathroom by your mirror, and in any other spots where you find yourself wishing you had an ultra-absorbent wipe for small-scale messes.

Because Dabs are extra absorbent, they can soak up a range of nice odors and work as a deodorizer. For instance, you can dip a Dabs wipe in vanilla extract and place it in the fridge to keep away odors. Some people like to pop a wipe in their favorite essential oil and then put it in a vacuum bag to release nice scents as they vacuum the floor.

When you’re working, small messes tend to pop up all the time. If you spill a few drops of coffee, you don’t need to run to the bathroom for another low quality paper towel — you just need to grab Dabs and let its absorbent powers spring into action. Leaky pen all over your fingers? Dabs can also help. You just place the pad of Dabs wipes at your desk and grab a Dabs every time you need one. Offering timely, powerful absorbance and cleaning uses, Dabs are an office essential.

At Dabs, we have the solution you need for small messes. To buy Dabs, find a store or order online now. To learn more, contact us or explore the rest of our site for more information and inspiration.

Would I recommend them?…YES,YES,YES! Bean loves the convenience, and I do, too!

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