The Dabs® story

I am Liz Sacco, the founder of Dabs and a mother of four lovable and energetic boys. In March of 2011 my oldest son David was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Prior to David’s diagnosis, I didn’t have anyone close to me living with this disease. As a family, we were faced with a lot of uncertainties. In the process of adjusting our new lifestyle, and David’s remarkable resolve to living with diabetes, I soon realized there was a constant struggle in finding a clean and easy way for him to remove the excess blood from his finger after blood glucose testing. As anyone with diabetes can tell you, testing your blood sugar levels is a regular part of every day, and shouldn’t have to pose more problems than you are already dealing with.

I attempted to find an efficient solution to help simplify his testing routine. I tried placing travel size Kleenex in his case, which was much too cumbersome. I put a single tissue in his case, which wastefully he would throw out after just one use. I felt not only were we trying to balance his new lifestyle, but we had an added aggravation with where to wipe his finger after the blood glucose testing.

After two years of diligently searching for a solution to this simple problem, I decided to develop Diabetic Dabs®. I started my company with the hopes of making a positive impact in the lives of those living with diabetes. As a member of the diabetes community, I am passionate about helping to simplify and improve the lives of families like ours.


I’ve learned many lessons along the path to helping my son live his best life with diabetes and would love to share my experiences with your group or organization. Please reach out if you are searching for a speaker for your next event.

Liz Sacco—Founder of Dabs