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An Intro to Dabs with Founder Liz Sacco


Dabs Founder Liz Sacco tells the story of why she founded Dabs (originally Diabetic Dabs) to fill the need for a wipe to clean off the excess blood resulting from diabetes blood-sugar testing, and how dabs are useful for millions of everyday uses.


Suggestions For Playing Sports With Diabetes



This is an exciting time of the year in my household. Playoff season always draws high energy, especially when two of your home teams ( Bruins & Celtics) are still in the running. Being a professional athlete takes a tremendous amount of dedication, focus, and tenacity to compete at that level. Do you ever stop and think for a moment about the professional athletes that live with diabetes? I often do, because I live in a house with my 4 boys and my husband, and sports are a permanent fixture on the TV. Furthermore, my son David who is heavily involved in sports lives with type 1. These athletes take on a whole other “to-do” list (both mentally and physically). Playing sports with diabetes has its own set of challenges.


5 Tips for Improving Diabetes Management


No one wants to receive the diagnosis of diabetes. Unfortunately, today more and more people are hearing those dreadful words. As a mother, I heard those words given to my son when he was 9 years old. Whether the diagnosis is type 1 or type 2, you immediately know your life is about to change.




I love life! And I love how life makes you think and evaluate your situation. I thank God each day that he created me as an optimist. I know everyone is not wired that way, so I really do consider this a blessing. Life can certainly throw you curve balls. However, I try each day to grow and improve as a person, and I have concluded outlook is tied to your outcome.