Other Medical Uses

Other Medical Uses for Dabs®

Dabs were invented by a mom who just wanted to make the diabetic testing process cleaner and easier for her son, but over time, as more and more customers started using Dabs, it became apparent that Dabs are incredibly versatile. Beyond helping to clean up after glucose testing, these innovative, non-toxic, extremely absorbent wipes can be used for a long list of medical purposes.

Allergy Testing
In the past, you used to have to go on an elimination diet or see a specialist to learn about your allergies, but now, you can take a home allergy test so you know what to avoid. Although they don’t do a complete allergy panel, most home tests can pick up the 10 most common allergens: mold, eggs, milk, wheat, cat hair, dust mites, timothy grass, bermuda grass, and cedar. You simply use the kit to prick your skin and harvest a bit of blood. Then, you can use a Dabs wipe to clean up any remaining drops of blood after you’re done.

Cholesterol Checks
You no longer have to go to the doctor to check on your cholesterol levels. Instead, you can simply prick your finger, put a few drops of blood in a vial, and mail the blood into the lab. Once you’ve completed those steps, you can clean up everything with Dabs. Then, you just need to wait for your results to see how your good and bad cholesterol levels are doing and to calculate your cardio heart disease risk factors

Thyroid Checks
Issues with your thyroid can lead to low energy levels, thinning hair, heart problems, brain fog, mental health concerns, slow metabolism, and a variety of other issues. When you’re having an issue and you want to check on your thyroid, you can easily do so from the comfort of your own home, using a thyroid test. That can save time and money compared to going to the doctor. Again, you just need to prick your finger, put the blood sample on the collection card, mail in the test, and wait for the results. To minimize germs and to facilitate clean up while you take the test, Dabs can help.  

Home Blood Draws
Besides the tests mentioned above, there are a range of other medical needs that require home blood draws. In fact, there are even phlebotomists who deliver their services, providing blood draws for people who are homebound. However, you don’t necessarily need a professional to do your blood draws. Many people take blood draws on a regular basis for a range of different tests. Regardless of why you’re drawing blood, you need to be able to clean it up and Dabs are the perfect solution. You don’t even need to wipe or press. Once you set the Dabs wipe on your skin, it effortlessly cleans up any lingering drops of blood, and you don’t have to worry about picking up germs from your clothing or your mouth.

IV Treatment at Home
In some cases, you may even need intravenous treatment (IV) when you are at home. People turn to central venous catheters, central venous catheter ports, peripherally inserted central catheters, and normal IVs to finish rounds of antibiotics, to address hormone deficiencies, to administer pain medications, for chemo treatments, or for other medical needs. Whether you have a home health aide or you administer your own IV, a few drops of blood may appear when you put in the needle, and Dabs provides a non-toxic, fast, and easy way to clean up the area.

You deserve tools that simplify your medical needs. If you’re immunocompromised, you also need the ability to quickly wipe away blood and germs without worrying about contamination. Dabs can help. These extra absorbent wipes are the perfect size for a few drops of blood. Never worry about wasting a paper towel or trying to find an itchy napkin again — simply hang a pad of Dabs where you take care of your medical needs, and you’ll always have soft easy-to-use cleaning supplies at your fingertips.

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The little sheets are insanely absorbent, so you barely even have to touch your finger to the sheet to get the blood off. And they don’t feel like another accessory that’s hanging around and getting in my way, because (unlike a lot of other d-things), they actually solve a problem.

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