Whether you need to wipe up a small mess on the go or tackle those pesky areas of a cleaning project, you need the right tool – that’s Dabs. Initially designed for diabetics to discretely and hygienically remove the drop of blood after glucose tests, customers quickly found our highly absorbent product to be extremely useful in other situations.

Spilled coffee on your keyboard? DABS. Glasses smudged? DABS. Finishing up your manicure routine? DABS. Conveniently sized and surprisingly effective, these tiny wipes truly find millions of uses.

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Diabetes is challenging. Paying attention to many details both large and small is vital, and you need products that streamline those processes. Dabs are tiny wipes, yet the patented ultra-absorbent complexion packs a big punch. Oh, and they’re non-toxic, easy-to-use, and disposable — Take a look at some of the many benefits that come from using Dabs while checking your glucose levels.

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As I move through my busy work day (with my testing kit in hand) I struggle with one item not included with my kit. I have the meter, the needles, the test strip, but no way to deal with the blood. Thank you for addressing this for me, I feel more prepared to deal with my day!

Stephen S—Dabs User


Dabs help to wipe up and clean a number of small messes. If you use Dabs as a replacement for cotton balls, you’ll be surprised at the many effective ways this product conveniently fits into your busy lifestyle. You can dab just about anything!

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