Eyeglass Wipes

For Eyeglasses

It’s simple, convenient and easy. Just throw them outwhen you’re done- they’re non-toxic! If you have glasses, you know how annoying it is to keep them clean. Your glasses are meant to enhance your vision. Not to put smudges and smears between you and the world. To keep your glasses as clean as possible, make Dabs your go to cleaning wipe. To learn more, contact us today, check out the stores that sell Dabs, or explore our site for more ideas on the many ways we can streamline your busy life. Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons people love cleaning their glasses with Dabs.

Eliminates Smudgy Lenses
Smudges often occur when oil or debris builds up on the lens — particularly around your nose or in places where you’ve touched your glasses. Not to mention, the nosepiece itself can get pretty dirty. To remove smudges and grime buildup, you need a quality lens cleaning wipe that can cut through the grease. Dabs are patented for their highly absorbent quality, making them useful in removing these inevitable smudges. Spray a small amount of lens cleaner on a Dab and just wipe your lenses.

In other cases, smudges happen because water doesn’t get wiped away properly when you’re cleaning your glasses. To avoid water-based smudges, you need a very absorbent cloth that can effortlessly absorb all the liquid on your lenses. Dabs can be the perfect solution.

No Maintenance
Unlike the cloth you get from the eye doctor, Dabs don’t require any maintenance. Those microfiber cloths have to be washed on a regular basis to remove built up dust and debris. In most cases, once you start washing your microfiber cloths, they lose their softness. In contrast, with Dabs, you just tear a new wipe from the pad and start wiping. Because each one is brand new, you get that softness and absorbency you need every time.

Reduce the Environmental Risks Associated with Microfiber
Although microfiber is incredibly versatile helpful in a range of ways, the synthetic material break down in washing machines, and unfortunately, those fibers make their way into waterways. To prevent the spread of synthetic materials in the environment, many people have just decided to put microfiber cloths aside. When you switch to Dabs, you don’t have to worry about this harmful pollution. Dabs are non-toxic wipes and create much less waste than even a tissue or paper towel. This offers you a guilt-free way to clean your glasses.

Tired of looking through smudged lenses? Can’t seem to stop streaks from appearing? Don’t like taking care of the microfiber cloth you got from the optometrist? Let Dabs help you clean your eyeglasses quicker and easier.

I love it when a member of our community is able to create something to fill a need we have.

Joanne Cunha—Blogger – Death of a Pancreas