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Diabetic uses for Dabs

Diabetes is challenging. You must pay attention to many details both large and small, and you need products that make those processes easier. Dabs is just a little wipe, but it’s highly absorbent, non-toxic, easy-to-use, and disposable — thanks to those features, you’ll love dabbing. Here’s a look at just a few of the benefits of using Dabs while you’re checking your glucose levels.

Supplements the Testing Kit
All diabetes testing kits come with a lancing device, alcohol prep pads, test strips, and a glucose reader, but none include a certain not-so-tiny detail. After you lance your finger, there’s no way to wipe up the blood. By adding a pad of Dabs to your testing kit, you arm yourself with a highly absorbent, conveniently small sterile wipe that’s perfectly discrete for cleaning up after you finish checking your glucose level. No more worrying, no more licking. Just Dabbing.

Dabs are easy to use. There is no learning curve. You simply tear a sheet of Dabs off the pad. Then, you place it over the spot where blood has beaded up on your skin. Even if you don’t apply any pressure, the super absorbent wipe will simply soak up the blood, leaving your skin clean and dry. Best of all, the wipe doesn’t leave any residue, and since it’s non-toxic, you can simply throw it away when you’re done.

Ideal for Children & Elderly Individuals
Dabs are perfect for people of all ages, but are especially ideal for children and elderly individuals. If you have a child with diabetes or if you are a professional working with diabetic children, you’ll love how Dabs simplifies the testing process for them. With Dabs, children have what they need to clean up their blood, and you never have to worry about them licking it or wiping it on their clothing and other items. The same holds true for elderly individuals who may struggle to check their glucose levels themselves.

The Perfect Size
Individual paper towels, napkins, and even tissues are too large to be effective for wiping up a few drops of blood after a glucose test. With these options, you end up throwing away a lot of paper, and you can’t easily keep a bulky roll of paper towels in your testing kit. Each Dabs pad is perfectly sized to conveniently fit inside your testing kit. Then, when it’s time to test your blood, you don’t have to do anything else. You just take a sheet off the pad and watch as the wipe effortlessly absorbs the blood. You also don’t need to worry about reordering for quite a while. Each Dabs pad contains 50 sheets — if you test your glucose twice a day, a pad will last you nearly a month.

Features an Adhesive Back
Diabetes doesn’t have to slow you down. When you’re busy and on the go, the adhesive backing on each Dabs pad ensures that you can easily carry your Dabs anywhere. Just peel off the back and stick the pad to the inside or outside of your testing kit, or put it in your desk, in your car, or wherever you tend to do your blood tests. Then, when you need to dab, you always have a wipe instantly available at your fingertips.

Eliminates Risks Associated with Licking
A lot of people never have to think too hard about what to do with a few drops of blood, but for diabetics, that’s a concern you have to deal with at least a couple times per day. In the diabetic world, most people consider themselves “lickers” or “wipers”. While licking may be a quick way to remove blood, it is not a clean or safe option. The human mouth contains a range of bacteria that are harmless while in the mouth but that can cause infections when introduced into a wound. When you’re armed with Dabs, you don’t have to lick the blood and potentially cause an infection. Instead, you can quickly and easily wipe up any drops with your Dabs wipes.

Keeps Your Testing Kit Clean
Some people just wipe their blood onto their testing kit. While a smear or two may go unnoticed, the blood can build up over time. That can leave unwanted germs on your testing kit, make it feel sticky to the touch, and potentially even degrade the fabric. Dabs can help you avoid that.

Can Replace Alcohol Swabs
Before testing your glucose levels, you need to wipe the germs off your skin. Unfortunately, soap and hot water is not always available, and because of that, some people carry alcohol wipes in their bags. Unfortunately, alcohol wipes can dry out and become useless. Luckily, when you have Dabs, you don’t need alcohol wipes anymore. You can simply carry a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, pour a few drops on your Dabs wipe, and then, easily clean your skin before doing the blood draw.

Thoroughly Dries Your Hands
As you know, you can dilute the blood sample if you have excess water or rubbing alcohol on your skin — those elements can mix with your blood and skew the reading on your monitor. If you’re in a public bathroom at work or school, you may be stuck using an air drier that simply doesn’t get all the moisture off your hands. To get a truly accurate reading, you need to make sure your hands are dry, and Dabs can help. Whenever you don’t have a towel to dry your hands, just let Dabs handle the job.

Offers Versatility
As you carry Dabs around with you, you’re likely to notice a wide range of ways that you can use these absorbent wipes. You can use Dabs to remove nail polish, to take off makeup, to clean your glasses, and to perform a variety of other tasks. Many people start with Dabs as part of their diabetic testing kit, but then, they invariably start to embrace Dabs for other things on their to-do list as well. You may be surprised at all the ways you can use this product.

Dabs are the perfect addition to your glucose testing kit, and they improve the testing process in a number of ways. If you’re ready to make your tests faster, easier, and clean, try Dabs today. Find stores that sell Dabs, order online, or contact us with questions.

At school, teaching young diabetic children to use good testing technique has always been a challenge. Diabetic Dabs simplifies the process and helps keep the environment clean and safe for everyone. Your product is an indispensable addition to any testing kit!

Marie P.—Elementary School Nurse