A Slightly Skewed Journey with T2 Diabetes by Joe


Hi, my name is Joe. I was diagnosed in 1999 with a fasting blood sugar of 170. This was before A1c tests. I started an oral medication regimen which of course didn’t work and blood Glucose meter were clunky big devices, etc. It wasn’t until the introduction of Byetta and using Humalog 75/25 in the early 2000s that my numbers and A1c started to come down into normal range.

Fast forward to 2007 and living in Florida, Byetta, Metformin, and Humalog 75/25 were my regimens and my A1c was in the low 6’s. I started having severe hypo events despite adjusting my dosage of Humalog 75/25. The events were so bad that I asked my Endocrinologist to please put me on a CGM. That’s how I started on Dexcom with the G4. My hypo events all but ended. Plus, I was able to get my A1c below 6 to 5.8. While testing my blood sugars, I would wipe my fingers on paper towels which was messy.

Everything was status quo until I started having severe lows again and switched to plain Humalog, Lantus (and later Basaglar) along with Bydureon. So, I asked my current Endo to please put me on a pump. I was able to go on the Omnipod and later the Omnipod Dash. This is a much better glucose control for me with virtually no lows thanks to the current generation of the Dexcom. I was happy with Diabetic Dabs came along, something perfect to wipe my fingers on after testing. They are absorbent and easy to use and then dispose of in a sharps container. So now for my regimen, I used the Omnipod, Dexcom G6, and Metformin. Along with Diabetic Dabs when I test (which I have to say is rare due to the Dexcom G6).

My husband was recently diagnosed as T2 and he does fingersticks twice a day and I introduced him to the Dabs. He thinks they are great also. So, that’s my story! With the Dexcom, I know my time in range is in the 90 percentile range and my A1c’s run the 5 range.


I’ve learned many lessons along the path to helping my son live his best life with diabetes and would love to share my experiences with your group or organization. Please reach out if you are searching for a speaker for your next event.

Liz Sacco—Founder of Dabs