Test Often – Test Correctly – Use Dabs!

May 28, 2018By Elizabeth SaccoPractical Tips

SORE FINGERS – HOW TO PREVENT AND TREAT THEM By Ann S Williams MSN RN CDE Here is the URL for the whole article for your reading pleasure:  https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications /vod/vodfal0403.htm I found the whole article very helpful and relatable. Being a parent of a child that lives with type 1 and frequently tests his blood, … Read More


May 28, 2018By Elizabeth SaccoInspirational

I love life! And I love how life makes you think and evaluate your situation. I thank God each day that he created me as an optimist. I know everyone is not wired that way, so I really do consider this a blessing. Life can certainly throw you curve balls. However, I try each day … Read More